GlindaWand Eyelash Curler

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GlindaWand Eyelash Curler

The GlindaWand Eyelash Curler can be used on faux or real lashes, to curl with comfort and ease. Curl lashes before or after applying Hollywood Glamour Waterproof Mascara by GlindaWand.  This easy to use lash curler features excellent leverage for strong, lasting curl with a rounded silicone pad.

  • -Strong lasting curl
  •  Thick, rounded silicone pad
  •  Does not crease lashes

Directions: Open curler and gently position near base of upper lashes, slowly close and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat if more curl is desired.

Pro Tip: Warm the GlindaWand Eyelash Curler with a blowdryer for even more curl.

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