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Divinity Foundation by GlindaWand








 The Divinity Foundation is a NEW and UNIQUE concept in foundation created by founder Jacqueline Hutton.

The Divinity Foundation is a powder, liquid and concealer all in 1

Create a light, medium or heavy coverage and choose between a matte or dewy finish.

This unique Foundation is 3 products in 1: it can be used as a Powder foundation, a Liquid foundation, or as a Concealer. For a flawless Matte finish: use the powder alone. For an flawless, dewy finish: activate the powder with the Fountain of Youth Elixir by GlindaWand. For a concealer: dip foundation brush into powder and apply to blemishes.

 100% Pure Australian minerals means this flawless powder will auto adjust to your exact skin tone and colour, making colour-selection simple.

Reflecting 100% pure light gives you a uniquely 3 Dimensional finish with both matte and dewy foundation without having to contour or highlight.

This luxurious light-weight Powder in Alabaster is perfect for the porcelain, light coloured complexion (e.g. Nicole Kidman). This has a very light base that suits Porcelain, English Rose or Japane...
This luxurious light-weight Powder in Almond is perfect for the light-to-medium coloured complexion (e.g. Naomi Watts). This is a true light Beige base that suits Caucasian and Asian skin types. Be...
This luxurious light-weight Powder in French Beige is perfect for the medium coloured complexion (e.g. Jennifer Lopez). This has a true Beige base that suits Caucasian and Puerto Rican skin types. ...
This luxurious light-weight Powder in Mediterranean is perfect for the dark coloured complexion (e.g. Kim Kardashian). This has a deep Beige base that suits rich-dark skin types including dark, Ind...
This luxurious light-weight Powder in Ebony is perfect for the deep, dark coloured complexion (e.g. Lupita Nyong’o). This is a deep Beige base that suits Dark-Black and African skin types, being a ...
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Introductory Offer - GlindaWand DIVINITY Divine Deal in Alabaster. A stunning introductory offer containing everything you need for flawless Foundation. This stunning introductory offer contains: ...

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