Meet Jacqui Hutton - The Founder and Creator of GlindaWand

Jacqui Hutton - GlindaWand

Revolutionizing Beauty: GlindaWands Journey to Empower Every Person

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and glamour, GlindaWand emerged in 2015 as a pioneer, led by the talented Jacqueline Hutton. An expert in hair and makeup artistry, Jacqui boasts a stellar career spanning over three and a half decades, including two decades in the television industry. Working closely with national and international personalities, she has gathered a wealth of experiences and insights.

GlindaWand - The Manifestation of Luxury and Affordability

GlindaWand is unique in the beauty industry, delivering a fine blend of simple, multi-purpose, yet luxurious products. These affordable luxuries not only add a touch of glam but are also kind to your skin. Created with a clear focus on 'Real Beauty, for Real People, in Real Time', GlindaWand stands as a testament to Jacquis commitment to cater to everyones beauty needs.

Bridging the Gap between the Beauty Industry and Everyday People

Over years of working intimately within the beauty industry, Jacqui noticed a consistent pattern – a bias towards serving the needs of professional makeup artists, celebrities, the affluent, and younger women and men. It seemed like the beauty requirements of the everyday person had been sidelined.

This apparent oversight became the spark that led to the creation of GlindaWand and its guiding philosophy - 'Real Beauty for Real People in Real Time'. Jacquis singular goal was to ensure that every person, regardless of their age, status, or income, could enjoy the benefits of high-quality, luxurious beauty products.

Transforming the Makeup Experience into a Joyful Ritual

Jacqui is on a mission to redefine the way women and men perceive and experience makeup. For her, makeup isn't a chore but a joyful ritual that every person should embrace. She strives to provide each person the opportunity to always represent the best version of themselves, through her premium, yet affordable beauty products.

GlindaWand isn't just about creating makeup; it's about celebrating the authenticity of women and men everywhere, making them feel valued, and empowering them to shine in their own unique ways. In a world often focused on unrealistic beauty standards, GlindaWand offers a refreshingly real and empowering approach, making it a cherished brand among women and men across the globe.

GlindaWand's Personal Touch: High Quality, Exceptional Value

Each item under the GlindaWand umbrella bears the personal touch of its founder, Jacqui. She handcrafts and curates the entire product line with precision, adhering to her exacting standards. Every piece of GlindaWand's collection boasts a world-exclusive formulation, a testament to the brand's innovative spirit. These efforts culminate in high-quality products that offer extraordinary value for money, cementing GlindaWand's distinct identity in the marketplace.

The Allure of GlindaWand Cosmetica Range

The allure of the GlindaWand Cosmetica range is in its empowering philosophy - to celebrate your unique beauty. The brand's commitment to quality and accessibility allows every woman or man to indulge in makeup that enhances their individual charm. GlindaWand's secret lies in creating beauty products that inspire you to be beautifully you, providing a platform for your kind of beauty to shine.