Jacqui Hutton - Founder of GlindaWand

Jacqui Hutton - GlindaWand

GlindaWand was established in 2015 by Jacqueline Hutton - a professional hair and makeup artist, with over 35 years' industry experience and over 20 years working in Television with local and international celebrities.

GlindaWand - uniquely, creates simple, multi-tasking, affordable, luxury products that are good for your skin. GlindaWand was created with the core principle of 'Real makeup, for real women, in real time'.

Working in the industry for so many years, Jacqueline found that both large corporations and small boutique companies were only focused on professional makeup artists; celebrities; rich; or young women. She felt that real women were forgotten, hence GlindaWand's philosophy of 'Real makeup, for real women, in real time. Jacqueline's singular focus is looking after the real woman, by making her makeup experience a joy, rather than a chore and to give her the chance to present the best version of herself - always.

Every piece of the GlindaWand range is created and curated by Jacqui herself; being produced and manufactured by hand to her exacting standards, with world-exclusive formulations, GlindaWand offers extremely high-quality products that represent exceptional value for money, making GlindaWand unique in the marketplace.

This is the secret to the stunning GlindaWand Cosmetica range - created so you can be your own kind of beautiful.