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GlindaWand Cosmetica Baked Cosmetics

GlindaWand Baked Cosmetics‘Baked’ is the buzz word in the beauty world right now. The promise: denser, truer pigments; longer wear; and easier building and blending. The best makeup available anywhere in the world, is, of course, made in Italy.

Baked makeup begins its journey as powdered ingredients, suspended in a specialised liquid. This liquid mixture carries a larger volume of pigment and less than pressed powders, which makes baked makeup substantially more vibrant and longer lasting than traditional pressed makeup.

This specialised liquid mixture is then baked for 24 hours on specialised terracotta tiles. The baking process allows the mixture to rise, giving ‘baked’ its signature dome shape. It is then left to set. Once set, it is then hand finished by artisans, who transform these into velvety domes of powder. It’s artisanal.

Due to the reduced amounts of talc and the lack of compression, baked makeup is much more durable and does not tend to crumble. The lack of also means that blending of baked makeup is much easier than with pressed makeup, and the payoff: pure, intense colour and vibrancy. If you want your baked makeup to really show off its true pigmentation, apply it wet; then you will experience its true ‘popping’ power. application also vastly increases the staying power, lasting much longer than a dry application.

Baked products also suit a much wider range of skin tones and types, due to the marbling effect during the baking process.

Once you experience GlindaWand Backed Cosmetics... you will never go back.