Divinity Foundation

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Divinity Foundation

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      Experience the transformative power of Australia's own, Divinity Foundation, an innovation that's rapidly making waves across the global beauty stage as the must-have mineral foundation for every makeup enthusiast.

      This unique creation by Jacqueline Hutton not only captures the versatility of a powder foundation, a liquid foundation, and a concealer in one handy jar but also redefines the boundaries of conventional makeup application.

      The Divinity Foundation is a paragon of sustainable beauty, designed for zero wastage as you only need to make what's necessary.

      • Powder Foundation: As a Powder Foundation, it boasts a feather-light consistency that effortlessly blends into your skin, leaving you with a flawless matte finish that radiates perfection.
      • Liquid Foundation: When paired with our Fountain of Youth Elixir, it transforms into a Liquid Foundation, delivering an anti-aging, dewy finish that revitalizes your complexion.
      • Concealer: Lastly, it also serves as an effective Concealer, allowing you to dip and dab away any skin imperfections with remarkable ease.
        *See Tutorial Videos Below for demonstrations*


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      • Variant: Alabaster


    • It is enriched with 100% pure Australian minerals, promising to nourish and protect your skin with SPF20+ for comprehensive UVA and UVB defense.
    • This mineral foundation offers an unparalleled 3D finish by reflecting 100% light, eliminating the need for separate highlighting or contouring.
    • It's formulated to auto-adjust to your exact skin tone, simplifying color selection while effectively absorbing oil and moisture.
    • This lightweight, breathable foundation is buildable, offering a customisable coverage that fits every occasion.
    • As an advocate for natural beauty, GlindaWand ensures all ingredients are 100% natural, and free from talc, paraben, and bismuth.
    • It's a proud bearer of the 100% cruelty-free and vegan badge, prioritizing quality and freshness with small-batch production. As a result, each jar of foundation you purchase is a testament to the unparalleled freshness and premium quality.
    • Proudly Australian made and owned, the Divinity Foundation is, quite simply, a revolution in makeup technology.
    • Each tub of Divinity Foundation contains 10gms of powder. Refill options are also available.

    We believe this is - quite simply - the most unique foundation available world-wide and is truly a must-have in any makeup kit.



    Our Divinity Foundation range caters to all skin tones, from the porcelain lightness of 'Alabaster' to the rich depth of 'Ebony', embodying inclusivity and diversity.


    This luxurious light-weight Powder in Alabaster is perfect for the porcelain, light coloured complexion (e.g. Nicole Kidman). This has a very light base that suits Porcelain, English Rose or Japanese skin types.


    This luxurious light-weight Powder in Almond is perfect for the light-to-medium coloured complexion (e.g. Naomi Watts). This is a true light Beige base that suits Caucasian and Asian skin types.

    French Beige:

    This luxurious light-weight Powder in French Beige is perfect for the medium coloured complexion (e.g. Jennifer Lopez). This has a true Beige base that suits Caucasian and Puerto Rican skin types.


    This luxurious light-weight Powder in Mediterranean is perfect for the dark coloured complexion (e.g. Kim Kardashian). This has a deep Beige base that suits rich-dark skin types including, Indian, southern European and African American skin.


    This luxurious light-weight Powder in Ebony is perfect for the deep, dark coloured complexion (e.g. Lupita Nyong’o). This is a deep Beige base that suits Dark-Black and African skin types.




    Dive into our collection of tutorial videos for practical demonstrations and pro tips to perfect your application.


    Craft your masterpiece with the Divinity Foundation – an investment in your skin's future and a testament to Australian innovation.



    As a Powder: Spoon a small amount of powder into the lid; swirl the Large Powder Brush No 1 by GlindaWand to load; tap off excess and apply in small circular motions and build until you reach your required coverage.

    As a Liquid: Add 1 pump of The Fountain of Youth Elixir by GlindaWand into the lid/palette; spoon the amount of powder required into the lid; mix with the Foundation Brush No 2 by GlindaWand or Fibre Brush with spoon and apply by buffing into the skin; continue building until you reach your required coverage **Use more powder for Med-Heavy coverage**

    As a Concealer: Dip the tip of the Foundation Brush No 2 into powder and apply directly onto blemish.

    Recommended usage: 1/4 spoon for light coverage, 1/2 spoon for medium coverage, full spoon for heavy coverage.



    Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide. (+-) Iron Oxide .(yellow) Iron Oxide (red) Iron Oxide (black) Ultramarine Blue, Tin Oxide.


    Made Exclusively in Australia by GlindaWand PTY LTD.

    *Seen on popular platforms like The Morning Show, Today Extra, Studio 10; OpenShop Australia; TJC UK; and Citruss TV Dubai.