What Makes GlindaWand Brushes Different?

GlindaWand Gold Brushes

Whether holding the heavy, solid, brass handles, wrapped in stunning 24ct Gold-Plate of the Gold Label range, or the sturdy, solid birch-wood handles of the black label range, all master-crafted by artisans and all handmade, you just know quality when you feel it...

All GlindaWand Makeup Brushes are meticulously handmade to the highest-quality standards by artisan Calligraphy brush makers. The brush heads all use the world's finest Sable-replica fibres.

GlindaWand brushes are unlike any other makeup brushes you will have ever used - in many ways:

• GlindaWand Makeup Brushes are all meticulously handmade.
• Gold Label Range: 24ct Gold-Plated; wrapped around a solid metal and brass core.
• Black Label Range: Solid Birch-Wood with 24ct Gold-Plated Ferrule.
• Substantially heavier than normal makeup brushes to assist makeup application.
• The heavier weight provides optimal control and luxurious hand-feel.

• The brush heads (fibres) are personally designed by GlindaWand founder, Jacqui Hutton.
• The fibres are ultra-soft and luxurious.
• Synthetic fibres (vegan & cruelty-free) designed to perfectly replicate natural fibres.
• Provides perfect, flawless makeup application every time.
• The world-class heads and fibres are 100% shed-resistant.
• With proper care and normal use, they will last a lifetime & will never shed any fibres.

Unique. Solid. Weighted. Indulgent: True Luxury - Unlike any other Brush.

We truly believe GlindaWand makeup brushes are the highest quality, most luxurious makeup brushes available anywhere in the world. Feel them for yourself - and discover beautiful, today.