The Flawless Foundation Makeup Brush Set

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The Flawless Foundation Makeup Brush Set

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      I have put together the best GlindaWand™ brushes to ensure you get a perfect, flawless and glamorous foundation...

      Everything you need is here. You receive:

      • The Large Powder Brush - No. 1
      • The Foundation Brush - No. 2
      • The Universal Powder Brush - No. 3

      PLUS... because I want you to get the very best out of your GlindaWand™ brushes, you'll also receive:

      • A bottle of my exclusive, GlindaWand™ Lavender Brush Cleaner.
      • And, my glamorous Makeup Clutch to house the set in.

      As a complimentary gift to you.

      And because we all love beautiful things, this Flawless Foundation set comes packaged in stunning, specialised GlindaWand™ packaging, plus our GlindaWand™ care instructions.

      Something special for you...

      A stunning gift for someone special...

      Or, just because... you can...


      GlindaWand™ Makeup Brushes incorporate unique features that sets them apart from ALL other makeup brushes - ensuring you the most luxurious, indulgent makeup brushes, anywhere in the world.

      Unique. Solid. Weighted. Indulgent: True Luxury - Unlike any other Brush

      GlindaWand "G-Factor": The Weight Behind the Brush...

      Brush Handles:

      • Weighted, full-metal handles.
      • 24ct gold-plated finish.
      • Solid, heavy, luxurious hand-feel.
      • Weighted luxury: heavy and substantial.
      • Weighted for optimal control.
      • Cold to the touch.

      Brush Heads:

      • Individually designed by GlindaWand founder, Jacqui Hutton.
      • Shed resistant.
      • Ultra-soft feel.
      • Meticulously made by hand.
      • Luxurious, speciality synthetic fibres, designed to replicate natural fibres.
      • Specially designed tapered-tips for advanced control and delivery of makeup.
      • Specifically designed for advanced pickup and release of makeup.
      • Designed for measured pressure and buildable finish.
      • 100% Cruelty-free.
      • 100% Vegan.

      Brush Finish: 24ct Gold-Plated.
      Brush Feel: Solid. Heavy. Substantial. Cold-to-the-Touch. Luxurious.

      All GlindaWand™ 24ct gold-plated makeup brushes are individually numbered with their respective number engraved into the gold-plate on the back of the brush, for easy identification, use and ordering. This individual numbering is also referenced throughout our video tutorials, making it easier for you to identify the correct GlindaWand™ makeup brush for any given application.

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