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This luxurious light-weight Powder in Mediterranean is perfect for the dark coloured complexion (e.g. Kim Kardashian). This has a deep Beige base that suits rich-dark skin types including dark, Indian and southern European skin. Being a true, 100% pure mineral powder it will automatically adjust itself to your exact skin tone when blended/buffed into your skin. 


The Divinity Foundation is a NEW and UNIQUE concept in foundation created by founder Jacqueline Hutton.

The Divinity Foundation is a powder, liquid and concealer all in 1. Create a light, medium or heavy coverage and choose between a matte or dewy finish.

100% Pure Australian minerals means this flawless powder will auto adjust to your exact skin tone and colour

Reflecting 100% pure light gives you a uniquely 3 Dimensional finish with both matte and dewy foundation without having to contour or highlight.


This unique Foundation is 3 products in 1: it can be used as a powder foundation; a liquid foundation; or as a concealer that is exclusively activated by The Fountain of Youth Elixir by GlindaWand. It is anti-ageing, 100% Natural and gives  a light-medium-heavy coverage. Used as a powder or liquid, you can control your coverage.


Incredibly lightweight and hydrating leaving the skin Dewy or Matt, you decide your level of coverage and texture. Unique and Luxurious it allows your skin to look it’s best every day.


*100% Natural
*Talc, Paraben and Bismuth Free
*Broad-spectrum SPF20+
*Made in Australia from pure Australian minerals
*Cruelty Free and Vegan.


As a Powder: Spoon a small amount of powder into the lid, swirl The GlindaWand Large Powder Brush; tap off excess and apply in small circular motions and build until you reach your required coverage.


As a Liquid: Add 1 pump of The Fountain of Youth Elixir by GlindaWand into the lid/palette; Spoon the amount of powder required into the lid,mix with the GlindaWand Foundation Brush and apply by buffing into the skin; continue building until you reach your required coverage **Use more powder for Med-Heavy coverage**


As a Concealer: Dip the tip of the GlindaWand Foundation Brush into powder and apply directly onto blemish.


Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide. (+-) Iron Oxide .(yellow) Iron Oxide (red) Iron Oxide (black) Ultramarine Blue, Tin Oxide. 

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